Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm Baa-aaack!

Miracle of miracles. I'm back. We have computer. It is good. Life changes in just a few sweet days. No computer, might as well chunk the indoor plumbing. Dial 1-800-hey-Dell-beam-me-up. Dell delivers. 16-yr old daughter unpacks & sets up & why did I think she shouldn't have done that because hey I'm the tech guru in this house. (Abandon ship, all ye who must rely on She for your tech support.) Call ISP. Find Internet. Re-install indoor plumbing. Make new friends in India. (No, really. I had the nicest conversation with one guy. It's already getting hot there. 2000 people at the Dell place where he works. He and his sister used to fight over TV, before there was computer on every corner. Lots of IT places in my state? Yeah, I guess, but Dell is closing theirs... Is it summer there? Almost, but mostly yucky spring right now. What is your weather like in your part of the US? Lots of storms last night...Ok, it's finished loading now. And did you know Dell didn't give me any lousy speakers after we spent all that money?

Mmm. So this post is short. Now I can play with Photoshop and actually prove I've been knitting. Ok, knitting a little. Oooo - a mouse just ran across the floor! I gotta go...

(Photo of train station window at Disney World. I wish I wuz in Disney...)

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