Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Pronunciation: \ri-ˈvərb, ˈrē-ˌ\
Function: noun
Etymology: short for reverberation
Date: 1953: an electronically produced echo effect in recorded music ; also : a device for producing reverb
I don't know if he's echoing, but he's definitely got something going on. This is Pastor Ryan. This is Reverb.

Get addicted, like I have, to Ryan's blog. He's different. He's cool. He has lots of, um, I don't know how to describe his photos. Love them. He's got a cute little kid and a cute wife. A full life. Tattoos. He doesn't mince words. He's a man of God. He's funny. And he'll put you off milk for a while.

I leave you with one of my favorite things. I love windows.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Fun Shoot

Oh wow - what a gorgeous day for a shoot. DS's first shoot. It was a "fun shoot," with about 15 or so kids between about 10 yrs old and 18 yrs old. Here's DS, loaded for bear. (Well, it's not loaded, 'cause you never load it until you're ready to shoot, and it wasn't for bear - it was for clay targets. But you get the picture.)

The kids had a blast. There were bronze, silver and gold medals for shooting, and 3 huge trophies awarded for Sportsmanship, Safety, and Team Building. DS won the trophy for Team Building. But I have to say, every kid there deserved a trophy. They were super safe, and everyone tried to encourage everyone else. But guess who won the Team Building trophy! Yeah! DS! A bronze for shooting and the Team Building trophy. He's a great kid. They have the best coach ever, too.

Got a little - emphasis on little - knitting done while I was there, between shots. My LSU Jaywalker scarf, inspired by TurtleGirl.

The color's just a bit off - couldn't get it just right. Of course it's purple and gold, Lorna's Laces sock, snared from Knits by Nana. I like the alternating pools & stripes.

But I'm sooooo sloooooww. I win the limbo of slow. You know, how slow can you go. Me. I win.