Sunday, July 6, 2008

It hurts to knit

Nuts. I'm trying to finish this little drawstring bag thingy knit in Rowan Denim, for my daughter, but it hurts to knit. I want to knit this quick little snuggle-toy thingy for a friend's baby, but it hurts to knit. Then I found the cutest washcloth with everyone's favorite mouse on it (here), and I thought that would be really cute for the baby, too, but - yeah.

Now, it's kind of a joke around my house about my being sort of klutzy. I've sprained my right ankle twice in adulthood. Once when I was trying to do one of those jump in the air and kick your heels together moves for my daughter when she was little, and we were watching Pete's dragon and dancing along. Then once in New Mexico when we were walking down to the lake to fish - the water had washed away the sand below the steps, and I didn't know it until it was too late. Wow. That was fun. We finished our camping trip, drove to Carlsbad Caverns and I waited for the DH and kids to go through the caves, then drove the umpteen hours home with a foot the size of a basketball.

And let's not talk about all the times I've fallen and taken the skin off my hands and knees. And raised up under DD's loft bed and whacked my head full force on the bed. And all those other things.

I tore my rotator cuff in April. It hurts. Let me take this opportunity to thank every one who has told me how much the surgery for it hurts. I appreciate that, I really do. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain (I think I do, anyway), but it's the inconvenience of it all that I really dread. Who has time for that? And all that physical therapy? Oh, and one person said I'd have to sleep sitting up. Great. I'll have to prop myself up like a baby so I won't fall off our waist-high bed. 'Cause if anyone would fall out of the bed, it would be me.

Well, this has really put a damper on knitting. Even if I hold my left hand still and just move my right hand, it still hurts and gets really tired really fast. It's the holding the needle, I guess. It's amazing how many muscles we use for such small movements. I was really hoping to take a shot at a clay target soon, since DS is learning that now, but that will have to wait. What a pain.

Maybe I'll get my camera back soon and be inspired to try my Photoshop Elements 6 - finally. Nothing else to do, huh? I'll go through Pioneer Woman's entire photography section and try out everything that will work in PE. And I'll get to keep up with ALL of her give-aways! PW, I love you!

And here are a couple of shots (pardon the pun) of DH, going through one of his exercises.

You can't see the shotgun, but somehow I timed the shot (camera shot) just as he hit the targets. You can see the dirt flying. This is a great sport, lots of family oriented atmosphere, and fun. We'll talk about it at a later time.

Meanwhile - Proverbs 3:7 Acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will direct your paths.