Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's a Prom Thing

If you are or have been the parent of a prom-going teenager (if you are the parent of a teenager, my condolences), you will understand. And I need to hear from you because I am in serious need of support right now. Is this normal?

First, my beautiful DD is not a dress-up kinda gal. She's a soccer player. Her feet are permanently not-so-beautiful from playing soccer. When she ain't playin' soccer, she ain't happy. She's pretty. She makes sure her hair is just right every day. But no makeup, no jewelry most of the time, no dresses unless absolutely necessary.

So she's going to the prom. Ok. Um, so this means...we gotta get a dress, ok? And she no likey dresses, ok? And she no likey shopping, either, ok? And she sure no likey shoppin' wit Mom, ok? Nonetheless, I was all excited because we were going to be SHOPPING FOR A PROM DRESS!!! No, I didn't let her see how excited I was. I'm a cool Mom. (Do they still say "cool?") Must never show excitement around the DD, right? Well, she went with her friends. Yeah, I cried. Well, not really tears, but I wanted to. Does that make me weird?

And she found a dress. And it was alotsa money. As in - a lot. Of money. So I go by to see it and it was gone. I thought she would be bummed out, but turns out she said she wasn't "that crazy about it." For that much money, you better be good 'n crazy about it. Like, you better wanna marry it.

So we go and find a dress. And it is beautiful. But it's like pulling teeth. Can't decide. Need shoes. Don't like heels. Gotta have shoes so we can have the dress altered. Prom is in less than 30 days. Shouldn't she be freaking out? Well, she's not. But I AM. It's interfering with my sleep for cryin' out loud, don'tcha know? And the boutonniere for her date - don't we need to order that. No, Mom, we're not doing that yet. Oh. Ok. I'm just here to write the check, I forgot, I'll go back into my hole now. I'll post a photo when it's all said and done.

Oh, and let's not forget that she hasn't gotten her driver's license yet because she just hasn't had the get up and go to do the actual driving at driving school. So now, at 17, she's finally going. She went driving with me for the first time tonight. I always said she was going to be my good driver.

Oh, Lord, what was I thinking. She did ok, but my right foot is killing me where I drove it through the floorboard trying to slow us down. And turns out we're not too sure her depth perception is all that. And I realized that if I lost the use of both my legs, I'd be ok 'cause I'd be able to walk with my butt cheeks.

But we made it home. Without having to file an insurance claim. Thank you, Lord.

I leave you now with a photo of my late little friend, Ira. He was the coolest Hermit Crab. He lived in my office at work. Now you may think Ira is a funny name for a crab. (I admit, I did call him "little buddy" a lot.) But when my daughter's friend gave him to me, he lived in a shell with a Menorah painted on it. Don't ask me, I didn't paint it. So I figured I would give him a name that was rare down here in the backwards southern part of the States, and one that in fact I associate with people from up East who don't have a lot of "r's" in their dictionary. Except when they say Ira. And drawing. (Pronounced drawering.)

Ira was so cool. Twice he escaped, fell to the floor, and traversed the entire length of my not too small office, to be found hiding almost a week later behind the lateral file cabinet. (The first time was almost a week. The 2nd time I was hip to him and I found him right away. You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to get one over on me. Twice.) He luuuved to climb. And he only ever pinched me when I found him behind the file cabinet, and he about brought blood.

I miss Ira.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bonding with my sewing machine again

It's been a long time. Poor baby has been so neglected. Only let out to see the light of day when someone gets desperate. (For how long now?) my husband has been trying to get me to make the Roman shade for our den. When Spring rolls around the morning sun blinds whoever is sitting in his chair. So yesterday I drug out poor baby and the fabric that I've had FOREVER, the pattern that I've feared FOREVER, and started cutting.

Cutting is always the scariest part, don't you think? I mean, it's - cutting. The fabric is rent in two. Or more. You can't go back. I can rip a seam. But I can't stick that fabric back together.

Anyway, I measured and cut and measured and cut and measured cut too short and added some on and sewed and measured and sewed some more. I'll show you the finished product when it's in the window. I got the stuff tonight to hang it up with, except for the brackets, which apparently aren't just lying around anywhere, so there's another stop I'll have to make on the way home from work tomorrow. But it will be worth it, I'm sure.

Hey, let's talk prom tomorrow. If you're a seasoned MOTD - mom of teen daughter - you'll be able to laugh at me. If you're just now getting to this prom stage like we are, you'll be able to laugh. Or cry. Oh, I don't mean 'cause it's sad - I mean 'cause you're losing your mind. Tomorrow.
Oh, and go see Ree and make the most fattening thing you can imagine. I mean, surely there's so much butter & marg in this thing, you'll be set for calcium for a few weeks.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm Baa-aaack!

Miracle of miracles. I'm back. We have computer. It is good. Life changes in just a few sweet days. No computer, might as well chunk the indoor plumbing. Dial 1-800-hey-Dell-beam-me-up. Dell delivers. 16-yr old daughter unpacks & sets up & why did I think she shouldn't have done that because hey I'm the tech guru in this house. (Abandon ship, all ye who must rely on She for your tech support.) Call ISP. Find Internet. Re-install indoor plumbing. Make new friends in India. (No, really. I had the nicest conversation with one guy. It's already getting hot there. 2000 people at the Dell place where he works. He and his sister used to fight over TV, before there was computer on every corner. Lots of IT places in my state? Yeah, I guess, but Dell is closing theirs... Is it summer there? Almost, but mostly yucky spring right now. What is your weather like in your part of the US? Lots of storms last night...Ok, it's finished loading now. And did you know Dell didn't give me any lousy speakers after we spent all that money?

Mmm. So this post is short. Now I can play with Photoshop and actually prove I've been knitting. Ok, knitting a little. Oooo - a mouse just ran across the floor! I gotta go...

(Photo of train station window at Disney World. I wish I wuz in Disney...)