Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So Many Crafty People...

I just stumbled upon this at oneprettything (which led me to craftstylish). First, this is really clever. If you love hats but don't want to knit them, you can still have a handmade hat! And if you have sweaters that you no longer wear, there you go - you don't have to feel guilty about them wasting space in your closet. And maybe you're really lucky and you live some place cold and people actually do donate real wool sweaters to thrift shops so that you can go buy them and make these really cool hats. So send me a couple of sweaters...

You really need to visit oneprettything. Lots of unique items and ideas.

Mmm. A month since my last post. Meant to wish you Happy Thanksgiving. Short and sweet on our end. Well, I was in bed sick on Wednesday, and much of Friday. Did get have this great fun on Thanksgiving, though.

Get the Captain Morgan stance? Who knew that after I promised .50 cents a log I'd wind up owing $13.00? I thought maybe 5 bucks at the most. Guess the boy's built for choppin' wood. Works for me.

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