Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hey, Baby, It's about time it was cold outside!

We just don't get enough cold weather in this part of the country. But last night, sitting on the bleachers at the soccer game, I was wantin' a little of this:

Just a little, though. Don't like hot weather. Hey, Maine, send a little our way...


Diane said...

OK, Now that's just wicked teasing, right? I went to your profile, but haven't a clue as to your location. Tell me that you have a delicious palm tree outside your window. And color me green with envy.

Living within an hour of Chicago, I woke today to temps of -1 degree. Yup, you read that right. Below zero. Baby it is cold outside!!

Second thought, I do travel for the sake of my knitting. I'd be happy to come for a Stitch N Bitch if you have a coffee shop close. Hmmm, temperatures that warm might require Margaritas!! Score!!

She Knits Flying Monkeys said...

Ha Ha! No, that beautiful palm tree is several states away! I'm actually in Texas. Not the always warm part, not the part that gets snow in the winter. Did get a few flakes on Thanksgiving!

I'm not very tolerant of hot weather (why am I living here?). The palm tree was at Disney World this past August. It was HOT!

I did see those temps on the news - I lived in Norway and Alaska, and I love snow and cold. I can see that it would get old after a while, especially tracking in all that snow. It will be in the 60's this weekend. Come on down!

Diane said...

Sweet Invite... I'm packing now. My mom is a 'snowbird' and spends her winters now in Arizona. She keeps tempting me too.
I got a few flakes on thanksgiving, but alas, we were related so it was expected.
I'm surprised you aren't going to be hit with that 9 feet of snow slated for the Sahara's. Even if you had palm trees outside, that much snow would make them look like bushes!